Why the name Surprise?

Our name comes from a story Jesus tells in Luke 15 about a lost young man who doesn’t expect to be welcomed home. 
But when he returns, his father runs to embrace him and throws him a surprise party.
That’s the kind of community we aim to be, and we’d love your help!
Email info@surprisechurch.com to join us for our next Starting Line lunch.

How we roll…

We believe one thing with all our might–the Good news of Jesus is the greatest surprise that the world has ever known, and therefore it must be surprising.  Everything we do at Surprise is aimed to enjoy and share the Gift that God eagerly waited to present to the world in Jesus (Col 1:26). So if you’re looking for the best programs in town or a spot on some committee, we may not be the church for you. But if you want to grow personally and leave the world better than you found it, you should probably check us out.
Surprise has an inter-denominational team with roots in the Lutheran heritage (LCMC) and a partnership with Charity Lutheran Church. We welcome people from every background join us and can’t wait to meet you

family photoMatt Anderson, Lead Pastor

Pastor Matt is a teacher, author, speaker, pastor, coach, athlete, and all around nice guy. He is a lover of good steak and considers himself an enemy of mosquitoes. Matt’s lovely wife Lacee carries the lion’s share of both the wisdom and good looks in their marriage, and their three amazing children are already looking for ways to give their dad gray hair.



 The Surprise Vision

 We’re committed to being the Surprise of God to a world in need by building a family of servant missionaries. Missionaries aren’t “spiritual superheros” that are merely sent across the world. They’re normal people like you, who are sent by God to their homes, neighborhoods, and schools. Since we believe that God has a mission for every follower of Jesus, we’re passionate about developing and unleashing people to make an impact together. We envision an expanding community of inspired people who grow beyond their wildest dreams and leave the world better than they found it, starting in Bismarck and extending to as many homes and cities as possible. We’re excited for you to join us!